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Howard is a Brooklyn-based trio and one of our favorite new discoveries so far this year. The group’s arresting new album, Religion, is built on layers of acoustic guitars, electronics and head-turning polyrhythms.


Howard shared a stellar introduction with their debut LP Religion at the beginning of last year. A little over a year later, they are revisiting and repurposing Religion for the thoroughly developed concept EP Please Recycle.

Consequence of Sound

Slow building electronics swirl forward, urging you to get wrapped up in the call to prayer that is Feibusch’s vocals…It all comes together in a groove that keeps you guessing, pulling you along or kicking you about until the back end of the track opens up and sucks you into a wormhole of modulated guitar.

Indie Shuffle

Howard’s “Money Can’t Buy” finds the perfect balance of folktronic instrumentation, highlighting the trio’s potential as one of the genre’s more-exciting newcomers.


Dissonant arpeggios pour over rim-shots that flow under the smoky vocals flourishing in every measure.

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